The UK National Screening Committee (UK NSC) has started a national consultation on screening for Hearing Loss in Adults.

To take part in this consultation please visit:

UK NSC would welcome comments and feedback on the draft review during the consultation period that lasts from 03/08/2020 until 26/10/2020. Please send comments to Screening Evidence team by e-mail using this feedback form.

Submissions should be returned by Monday 26 October 2020. Please be aware that all responses will be published on the website after the UK NSC makes its final recommendation.

Screening not currently recommended by UK NSC.

Screening for hearing loss in older adults is not recommended. This is because:

  • there is insufficient evidence to establish an optimum approach for screening
  • it is not known how acceptable the available treatments would be to those diagnosed
  • there is little evidence of the benefits of using hearing aids long term

There is more information about the work and remit of the UK NSC and its evidence review process, which includes a guide for stakeholders on engaging with the UK NSC.