Update 30th March 2020

This guidance has now been updated by PHE and is available to view here: https://www.baaudiology.org/files/2815/8556/0016/Newborn_Hearing_Screeening_Technical_Guidance_during_Covid19.pdf

BAA and BSA are pleased this work is now completed and will be updated as the situation evolves


Update 23rd March 2020

A very productive dialogue is now underway with The British Academy of Audiology, British Society of Audiology, Public Health England with NHS England input to update this guidance in line with the rapidly changing situation. We hope to agree a new publication on the 24th/25th March.

Sue Falkingham

BAA Past President

This week a letter was sent expressing an urgent concern from 14 UK hospital trusts and the British Academy of Audiology regarding the current guidance and advice being offered to them by the Newborn hearing screening programme team.

Although we understand the nature of these difficult times we asked that this matter be considered urgently as part of PHE response to Covid-19.

BAA Board

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