BAA Board are delighted to have received 16 nominations for Board Directors this year. 25% are BAME candidates, 44% are male, 6% are hearing impaired and we have representation from the four home nations.

BAA wish to develop the organisation’s capability and strategy in relation to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). Board have been working with an expert in EDI and are trying hard to remove all triggers that may result in unconscious bias during these elections. Board wish to give everyone the best possible chance of being elected on their ability for the role.

Board have agreed to anonymise the voting procedure, we are doing this by:

·         This year there will be no pictures of nominees;

·         Candidate names will not be published with their pen portraits and each candidate will be identified by their initials only, surname first then first name;

·         The names will appear in alphabetical order on the voting site.

Voting officially opens Monday 19th October and closes at midnight on Thursday 12 November 2020.

Members have been emailed with their unique login link to vote.

If you have not received your voting email, please contact: