On 4-5 December 2019, around 200 representatives from all sectors in the field of ear and hearing care travelled to Geneva to attend the First Membership Assembly of the World Hearing Forum. These included representatives of Member States; intergovernmental organizations; nongovernmental organizations; private sector entities; international business associations; philanthropic foundations; and academic institutions from around the globe.

The World Hearing Forum aims to strengthen global action for hearing care through enhanced advocacy and networking. It will undertake advocacy to promote the implementation of the WHA70.13 resolution and support WHO’s actions in the field of hearing. At present it will focus on four key areas: (1) Make Listening Safe; (2) World Hearing Day; (3) World Report on Hearing/WHA 70.13 resolution; and (4) Fostering role models and champions in the field of hearing care.

The main objectives of the Membership Assembly are to:

  • Share the vision, mission and actions of the World Hearing Forum;
  • Engage members in Forum Working Groups and actions;
  • Propose an advocacy action plan for the next two years;
  • Serve as a platform for the exchange of views among members;
  • Explore options for resource mobilization

The outcomes of the meeting will determine concerted action to be taken by the Forum members in the coming two years with the aim to advocate for the prevention of hearing loss and integration of hearing care into health services. More information about the meeting will be available shortly.