The World Health Assembly resolution on the prevention of deafness and hearing loss (WHA70.13) calls upon WHO to prepare a World report on hearing. WHO has nearly completed the work on this report which will provide a cohesive and consistent narrative on hearing loss and ear and hearing care that is based on the best available evidence; outline the shift in the epidemiological distribution of hearing loss globally, and highlight best practices and priorities for ear and hearing care. The report will provide an opportunity to establish the links between addressing hearing loss and achieving many of the Sustainable Development Goals, notably those relating to ending poverty (Goal 1), ensuring healthy lives (Goal 3), improving chances for education (Goal 4), and promoting employment opportunities (Goal 8).

It is expected that the report will kick-start global collaboration and provide guidance to Member States on next steps for making ear and hearing care accessible in their countries. This report will guide public health efforts to address hearing through advocacy, integrate ear and hearing care into national health plans, and include ear and hearing care on the agenda of development fora.

The report is being developed in collaboration with experts and stakeholders in the field of ear and hearing care who will inform the report’s strategic direction and ensure that it reflects a range of cultural contexts and approaches to hearing care. The report is expected to be global in its reach while keeping a special focus on low- and middle-income countries, where the number of people with hearing loss is not matched by the availability of services and resources.

The target audiences are policymakers and representatives of international agencies, civil society organizations, professional bodies and service providers. The World report on hearing is expected to be launched in May 2020.


  • To highlight the rising prevalence of hearing loss and share information regarding its causes and consequences.
  • To document scientific evidence and country experiences on the provision of patient-centred comprehensive ear and hearing care services that are integrated into national health systems.
  • To set the agenda for the coming years in ear and hearing care globally.


  • Why hearing matters: hearing across the life-course
  • Solutions for everyone: preventing and addressing hearing loss
  • Facing the challenges: improving access to hearing care
  • The vision of hearing care: designing the way forward

Target audiences

  • Governments
  • International agencies
  • Civil society organizations
  • Professional bodies
  • Service providers


The WHO World report on hearing is expected to be launched in May 2020. A summary of the report is here and you are invited to join in an informational webinar about the World Report on Hearing. The purpose of the webinar is to share information on the report ahead of its launch and to provide an opportunity for attendees to ask questions about its content and offer feedback. The webinar is scheduled for three different times (two in English and one in Spanish) and captioning will be provided. Presentations are expected to take 25 minutes, with 50 minutes allotted afterwards for questions and feedback.

The webinar schedule and WebEx links are provided below (all times are UTC +1).

Friday, March 6, 8:10-9:25am (English)

Friday, March 6, 3:30-5:00pm (Spanish with translation)

Thursday, March 12 4:30-5:45 (English)