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In accordance with the rules of the British Academy of Audiology, four Board members will reach the end of their term together with a requirement to appoint a further three directors this November.  These seven seats (7) shall be contested in open elections by the members of the Academy and the results announced at the Annual General Meeting, to be held on 26th November which is being held as part of the BAA webinar series.

The British Academy of Audiology Board of Directors meets four or five times a year.  Most Board members have a sub team for which they report back to Board.  Each Board member is elected to serve for a period of one term (i.e. three years) at the end of which they may stand down or be eligible for re-election for a further term.  Each Board member can serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms (i.e. six years).  Current Board members standing down after their first term will be eligible for re-election to a second term.

Membership of the Board gives an opportunity to work at a strategic level towards advancing the profile of Audiology Professionals within the United Kingdom.  We want people that are passionate, dedicated and ready to take the next step forward, no matter where you are in your career or your area of practice.  It is also worth noting that future vice-presidents and presidents are elected from within the board.

Nominations are now sought for Board Directors to fill these 7 vacancies.

All nominees must be full members of BAA and must be proposed and seconded by full members of BAA.  Self-nominations are allowed providing the nomination is seconded by two full members of the BAA.  The nominee must agree to their nomination and be able to fulfil the obligations of the position.  All nominees must provide a “pen portrait” of themselves highlighting the strengths they would bring, with the submission of the nomination form.

Nomination forms should be sent to the BAA Administration Office

Via email to: or by post to: Attn: Board Nominations, British Academy of Audiology, Blackburn House, Redhouse Road, Seafield, Bathgate EH47 7AQ UK Tel: +44 (0) 1625 290 046

Closing Date for Nominations:   5th October 2020

BAA Board Member Nomination Form 2020

Board Nominations FAQs