ADHEAR - A Revolution in Bone Conduction Technology Launch & Training Events

Posted by 2563 on September 19, 2017

ADHEAR - A Revolution in Bone Conduction Technology Launch & Training Events

Sep 19th - All Day

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We are pleased to inform you about our official launch and training events for ‘ADHEAR,’ the UK’s latest non-implantable hearing solution. With its revolutionary design, this novel, non-implantable bone conduction system from MED-EL offers a simple and effective way to treat conductive hearing loss. With its adhesive non-surgical application it is reliable and cosmetically appealing.

ADHEAR is a unique Bone Conduction Hearing System that is an excellent option for anyone experiencing a long-standing or temporary conductive loss. It’s a perfect choice for young children awaiting bone conduction surgery and is also ideal for people who are unsuitable for, or do not wish to undergo, bone conduction implant surgery.

The ADHEAR System consists of an adhesive adapter and an audio processor. The adhesive adapter is placed onto the skin behind the ear and the audio processor is snapped onto the adapter with a simple click.

These events will take place in various locations, for a list of dates and locations please visit; ­  

 Learning outcomes will include;

  • Introduction to ADHEAR inc. candidacy criteria and supporting studies
  • Hands on session with fitting
  • Introduction to MED-EL hearing implant portfolio and criteria

Who should attend?
ENT Surgeons (adult & paediatric), Audiologists and Heads of Audiology, and BAHA leads.

Places are limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis, therefore we encourage early registration.  To register visit ­ or email

This workshop is free to attend. 

Lunch will be provided and tea and coffee will be available throughout the day. We ask kindly that you please make your own travel arrangements – no accommodation will be provided.

Learn more about ADHEAR and how easy this new hearing solution is by visiting: