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Adult Hearing Screening, Can we afford to wait?

Mar 17th - All Day


Adult Hearing Screening

Can we afford to wait any longer? 

Central Hall Westminster 17 March 2016


This highly topical area will also be the subject of the next report from The Ear Foundation, combining the latest research, new research, current innovative practice on adult screening and user perspectives, with recommendations for the future. The conference will be held in London and include presentations from leading academics and practitioners including Adrian Davies, Jagjit Sethi, Stephen Lloyd, Lilian Greenwood MP, David Furness, Soren Hauggard, Chris Wood, Nicola Wright, Krishnan Randoo, Ciaran O’Neill, Brian Lamb, Sue Archbold. It will also provide an opportunity to share perspectives, to be updated on latest developments, challenge current thinking and develop a common agenda for the future.


To book your place visit http://www.earfoundation.org.uk/education/articles/822