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BSA Journal Club Events on Dementia and Hearing Loss – March & April 2015

Apr 01st 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm



BSA Journal Club Events in March & April 2015



The objective of this Journal Club is to discuss and perform a detailed critique of three publications concerning Dementia and Hearing Loss.  The three papers will cover

  • Hearing Loss and Dementia
  • Hearing Aids and Cognition
  • Hearing Assessments and Dementia


16th March - Sunderland - 13:00 - 16:30


Debbie Smith           Regional National Dementia Strategy Development Manager, North East Dementia Alliance

Chris Corkish          Senior Lecturer in learning disability nursing, Northumbria University

Jo Brackley/            Advanced Speech and Language Therapists, Dementia
Amy Foster
              Services, Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation


http://www.thebsa.org.uk/events/event/bsa-journal-club-dementia-hearing-sunderland/ for full details and to book



23rd March - Manchester - 10:00 - 13:00


Dr Piers Dawes       Lecturer in Audiology, University of Manchester and member of BSA Hearing and Cognition Group

Dr Iracema Leroi    Clinical Senior Lecturer, Institute of Brain Behaviour and Mental Health, Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust and Dementia Clinical Director, DeNDRoN North West

Prof Kevin Munro  Ewing Professor of Audiology, University of Manchester


http://www.thebsa.org.uk/events/event/bsa-journal-club-dementia-hearing-manchester/for full details and to book


1st April - Brighton - 12:30 - 15:30


Sam Blakemore      Clinical Scientist, Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust and member of BSA Hearing and Cognition Group

Lucy Frost                Dementia Nurse Specialist and Dementia Champion, Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust;

Third Tutor TBC


http://www.thebsa.org.uk/events/event/bsa-journal-club-dementia-hearing-brighton/for full details and to book


The topics to be discussed will include the scientific design of the studies, the reliability of the data and the conclusions drawn. Implications for clinical practice will be considered. Participants will need to have read the papers in preparation (PDFs will be provided ahead of time), and to be willing to engage in discussion. Papers to be discussed:-

Hearing loss and cognitive decline in older adults. Lin, F.R., et al., JAMA internal medicine, 2013. 173(4): p. 293-299 

Does cognitive function in older adults with hearing impairment improve by hearing aid use? van Hooren, S.A.H., et al., International journal of audiology, 2005. 44(5): p. 265-271. 

Evaluation of Hearing Status at the time of dementia diagnosis. Jorgensen, Palmer and Fischer 2014, Audiology Today, Jan/Feb 2014 p38-45 


Book via our website at http://www.thebsa.org.uk/events/category/meetings/