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BSHAA Professional Development Day

Jun 28th - All Day


BSHAA Professional Development Day at Gomersal Park Hotel, Cromwell Suite
Moor Lane, Gomersal, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire BD19 4LJ


Programme and registration available here: BSHAA_June13.pdf


9:00 Arrival and coffee
9:25 Course Introduction and evaluation
9:30 What can you do when you miss target? – In a session lead by Clare Hague and
supported by Interacoustics UK we will discuss case studies with real ear measurement
results, how to interpret them and how to adapt hearing aid fittings to improve response.
10:45 We will review the practical knowledge gained and reflect on how we can apply
our knowledge to everyday hearing aid work.
11:00 Break
11:30 How to grab the attention of a baby boomer – with your help Juiced Orange
http://www.juicedorange.co.uk will create an ideas table full of marketing and advertising tools
designed to stimulate our target audience to take action about their hearing loss.
12.30 Lunch
1.30 How to grab the attention of a baby boomer – Juiced Orange will use the ideas
created before and during lunch and walk through the process of building a marketing
campaign that fits with your ideas
2.00 I’m a hearing aid dispenser and I’ve been audited! – BSHAA helped by James
Kirkpatrick will talk through what it’s like when the HCPC audit your CPD. We will
- What he did differently as a result of the audit.
- How other dispensers reacted when they heard he was being audited.
- What he had to do to make his records ready for submission.
- Examples of what he submitted.
- How much effort it saves to be up to date.
2.45 Communication is the number one goal – Lynne Tapper Jill Ridgwell are both Speech
and Language Therapists. “ We work with adults referred for cochlear implant assessment
and with adults post implantation to help them adjust to hearing and communication using
a cochlear implant. We work by providing listening activities for people to complete at
home and we also do a lot of work around helping people to develop the skills and
confidence to use communication strategies to manage difficult listening situations effectively.
We think many of the rehabilitation activities we do with cochlear implant recipients
would also form part of a holistic intervention package for hearing aid users. We would
also welcome the opportunity to explain briefly what a cochlear implant is, share outcomes
for adults who have cochlear implants and provide an update of current criteria for
cochlear implant referral.”
3.45 Close