Edinburgh Hands on Balance Course

Posted by 2162 on June 21, 2019

Edinburgh Hands on Balance Course

Edinburgh Hands on Balance Course

21& 22 June 2019

CPD Points: 12

Course Fees:

ENT Consultants, Senior Trainees, Medicine for the Elderly: £120.00

Allied to Professionals: £99.00


Target Audience

ENT/Neurology Consultants and Senior Trainees

Medicine for the Elderly



Course Overview:

This two day course will provide up-to-date management of balance disorders through a combination of short didactic lectures and small group workshops. Topics include: when to request and how to perform vestibular function tests such as VEMPs, VHit, calorics and rotating chair and management of recurrent BPPV, Vestibular migraine, Menieres disease, Chronic subjective dizziness, Superior semi-circular canal dehiscence and Mal de Debarquement


Convenor:  Mr Alex Bennett, Consultant ENT Surgeon

Key Faculty

Fiona Barker, Clinical Scientist and Vestibular rehabilitation

David Baring, Consultant ENT Surgeon

Alex Bennett, Consultant ENT Surgeon

Richard Davenport, Consultant Neurologist

Rona Russell, Senior Vestibular Audiologist

Jas Sandhu, Consultant ENT Surgeon and Audiological Scientist

Jon Stone, Consultant Neurologist

Iqbal Syed, Consultant Skull Base Surgeon



Contact and to book a place:


Laura Whytock


0131 527 1596