Hearing Aids The Inside Track 2016

Posted by 616 on July 6, 2016

Hearing Aids The Inside Track 2016


The Fifth ‘Hearing Aids: The Inside Track’ Course 

Wednesday 6th – Friday 8th July 2016 

NEW VENUE: Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. 

 This course is for any Audiologist or Hearing Aid Practitioner who would like an update on current hearing aid technology and its clinical application,

or who would like to develop their understanding in this area. No prior in-depth technical knowledge is required.

This course draws on the extensive expertise of the training staff who work for hearing aid manufacturers, and will include insights into the rationale behind the technology and its application.

The course consists of short talks (20- 30 mins each). Topics include compression strategies, speech- in- noise processing, feedback management, directionality, prescriptive formulae, REM signals and protocols, test- box measurements, fitting profound and challenging hearing losses ... and much more.

There will be presentations on each manufacturer’s NHS hearing aid range and the current features of these hearing aids. Short talks throughout thecourse will also give opportunity to reflect on key principles in hearing loss rehabilitation.

Please note: this course relates to adult hearing aid provision. It does not address paediatric provision, complex needs, or service management issues.

Course Flyer

Full Agenda


For enquiries, contact: 

Anne Davies, Principal Clinical Scientist, Middlesbrough 


Booking and course information is on the QMU website: