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Hearing Therapy Training (Advanced Skills in Aural Rehabilitation)

Oct 21st - All Day
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This module is available to all professionals working in the field of Rehabilitative Audiology or have an interest in developing their skills in this area. 


Full Flyer to download here

The module provides an opportunity to bridge the gap between theoretical audiology and real world practice. 


Participants will gain an understanding of the concepts and methods of adult rehabilitation and develop specialist skills in aural rehabilitation. This module will also support existing professional training routes, by providing additional skills in understanding and working with the psychological and social impact of hearing loss. 




Introduction to Counselling & Communication Skills 


Use of Research Evidence 


Psychological & Social Impacts on hearing Function 


Health Status Measures 


Holistic Approaches to Helping 


Auditory Interventions and Speech Cues 


Theory of Change 


Coaching Models 


Solution Focused Therapy 


Transactional Analysis 


Decision Making tools and their Application 


The Role of Networks and Support Systems 


Mentoring, Support and Supervision. 


Target audience and entry requirements. 


The module is aimed at registered audiologists, clinical scientists and others wishing to further their knowledge in the area of reha-bilitative audiology. 


As the course is delivered via blended learning, access to an inter-net connection and a web browser are required. 


Course delivery. 


Learning includes 5 face to face taught days in two blocks, on cam-pus at the University of Manchester, (three days in semester one and two days in semester two). Commencing October 2015. The unit will also be supported by on-line learning, directed and related reading and self-directed study 


For advice on course content contact: h.pryce-cazalet@aston.ac.uk 




For those clinicians practicing in the North West of England 


funding is provided by Health Education North West and is available via CPD apply. 


For admission details contact 


Robert White Robert.white@manchester.ac.uk 0161 275 2585 

To apply for this course please follow the link below 


School website: http://www.psych-sci.manchester.ac.uk/postgraduate/professionaltraining/audiologyshortcourses/ 








The module consists of 13 topics delivered via face to face workshops and on-line learning. Stu-dents who wish to be awarded 15 credits at Masters Level will be required to complete and pass the following assignments:- 


Video assessment of a practical demonstration using counselling and communication skills. 


Written assignment demonstrating critical evaluation and reflection upon video performance. 


Written assignment demonstrating critical analysis of audiological practice. 


The course will delivered by Dr Helen Pryce and Mrs Becky Midwinter. 







Full Flyer to download here