Paediatric Assessment (Advanced Audiology Masterclass)

Posted by 616 on January 13, 2017

Paediatric Assessment (Advanced Audiology Masterclass)

Jan 13th - All Day
Jan 20th - All Day
Jan 27th - All Day
Feb 03rd - All Day
Feb 10th - All Day

Paediatric Assessment (Advanced Audiology Masterclass)

Course Organiser: Carolina Leal /  Dr Priya Singh

Fridays 13.01.2017 – 10.02.17


This 5 day course aims to establish skills in behavioural and objective methods of hearing assessment in infants and children as the basis for appropriate audiological management.

The aims and objectives of this module include:

•                To integrate speech-based assessments into the protocols for evaluating hearing

•                To develop coherence in the roles of all professionals in the paediatric audiology team

•                To assess and address the hearing needs of the child within his/her family context

•                To introduce a culture of reflective practice and professional learning

•                To develop a culture of service evaluation as appropriate to an evolving discipline within clinical audiology provision from newborn hearing screening in the UK

Indicative course content:

•                Auditory and communication development in children and principles of neural plasticity

•                Newborn Hearing Screening Programme: principles and practice

•                Paediatric assessment using a test battery approach: Behavioural and objective hearing assessment for children 

•                Speech testing and outcome measures of effective intervention

•                Interpretation of audiological test results and management plan, including specific conditions such as OME, ANSD, APD.

This course will be taught by Carolina Leal and external contributors to ensure a variety of interest

The course is five days in duration and will run on each Friday from 13th January to 10th February 2017. Delegates will be required to attend all 5 days of the Masterclass in order to be eligible for a certificate of attendance.