Paediatric Habilitation

Posted by 2563 on February 17, 2017

Paediatric Habilitation

Feb 17th - All Day

Paediatric Habilitation: Fridays over 5 weeks 17 Feb - 17 Mar 2017

The aims and objectives of this module include: 

  • To establish core skills in managing hearing loss in infants and children to optimise life-long auditory potential
  • To apply verification and validation techniques for amplification and listening technologies
  • To integrate care across a team of professionals, centred around the needs of the family
  • To be able to present and support early communication options around family choice
  • To understand and derive functional measures of benefit to under-pin decision making and practice around evidence-based current practice for audition and expressive speech outcomes
  • IQIPS, regulatory performance and quality in paediatric healthcare

Topics will include:

  • Family centered hearing management: Components of effective intervention: why family-focus, HA selection and verification, impression-taking, Framework for paediatric habilitation and verification, Positive support for families from the start
  • Cohesive intervention an assessment of progress; Use of standards and EDHI programme, HA validation and functional assessment, Core outcomes and culture of service-evaluation, Aetiology and intervention approaches 
  • Advanced amplification considerations 
  • Functional Speech Outcome Measures and Access to Speech: Vocalisation development and speech milestone, Giving the child a voice and hearing it, The child in the educational environment, Special populations including Autism
  • Quality in Paediatric Healthcare IQIPS, regulatory performance and quality control