Are you a current student, recently graduated, or at the start of your audiology careers? If so, we are looking for new members to join the BAA Early Professional Committee. We are looking for someone innovative who is excited about audiology and supporting their fellow peers. The current team and the BAA Board Director will support you. This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with the BAA, advance your professional and personal development, and enhance your CV! For more information on the current committee members and what we do, please visit: Early Professionals Committee

Please email the BAA  with your name, current workplace/university, and no more than 150 words on why you’d like to join the committee. Please do so by Friday 28th October. Currently, quarterly meetings take place online on weekday evenings.

Would you like to support in other ways? You can write for the ‘Students Aloud’ page on the BAA website about your experience as a current or past experience of student life! Have a look at the current stories for inspiration.

Supervisors are welcome to share this with their departments/students, but applicants must be current BAA members.