Tinnitus and Online Appointments Research.

Tinnitus and Online Appointments Research: A University College London Project Needs You!

My name is Sam and I am an MSc student at University College London (UCL) learning about all things audiology.

I am part of a small two-person research team that will be investigating the experiences of those who have tinnitus and who have been given online tinnitus consultations as a result of Covid-19.

I would like to invite you to take part in this study and tell me all about your tinnitus as well as your experiences with online tinnitus healthcare. We will explore what you think worked well and what you think could be done to improve the service. We are looking for English speaking adults, over 18, who have experiences at least 1 specialist online tinnitus consultation either from the NHS or a private provider. We aim for each interview to last only 30 minutes but will last no longer than 60 minutes.

We are hoping this research helps services and clinicians to understand the patient journey and perspective so that the future can be improved for everyone involved in this community.

Contact Me:

Samuel Chapman

Email: samuel.chapman.20@ucl.ac.uk


Freedom of Information Request for information

People with learning disabilities and autistic people are priority groups for improving healthcare. Information about existing provision is vital to understand how inequalities can be reduced.

However, previous attempts to describe audiology provision have had low engagement. Freedom of information requests are effective tools for improving engagement and evaluating healthcare. As part of a project evaluating audiology provision for these priority groups, a team at ManCAD will be sending out FOI requests to UK-based audiology services in December and January.

The findings can be used to support services, providers and commissioners to identify the resources required to improve care for these groups.

Access the survey here: Learning disabilities survey