One Voice and workforce update

Posted by 2162 on October 26, 2018

One Voice and workforce update

October 26, 2018 at 9:26 AM


Wendy Farrington Chadd the BAA Consultant CEO attended the Academy of Healthcare Science One Voice Council meeting on our behalf during October and also a health forum on NHS workforce.

What is One voice?


One voice is a campaign of the Academy of Healthcare Science to unite the diverse professionals through their professional bodies in areas of common interest to those working in the NHS throughout the U.K. 

Aims of One Voice are:


  • To provide a forum for representatives of the Healthcare Science professional bodies to work together to identify issues of common interest/concern.
  • To agree where possible a shared position and circulate this widely.
  • To agree the areas and issues to focus one voice work on.
  • To guide the Academy on strategies for raising the profile of Healthcare Science.

The objectives of One Voice are:

  • To develop strong communication networks and professional dialogues across the professional bodies.
  • To provide a forum for discussion on emerging issues.
  • To provide collective input into consultations on issues that have relevance to most of the Healthcare Science workforce.
  • To provide a monitoring function for any funds provided by professional bodies.
  • To participate in horizon‐scanning and long‐range planning exercises to help identify emerging challenges and opportunities for the HCS professions and develop options for responding


“BAA is a key stakeholder on the One Voice council and have contributed to the 2018 workforce report which has now been in draft for several months, we are pushing hard for this to be issued as soon as possible, however other bodies on council need more time to review the draft so we have now agreed this will be published before Christmas". - Wendy Farrington Chadd BAA Consultant CEO.

The chair of the AHCS reminded us of the current advertisement for a chair for HCPC and told the meeting it would be great to see a healthcare scientist take on that role!

The workforce health forum heard an update from professor Ian Cumming CEO of Health Education England on the draft NHS workforce strategy - he was very clear that lots of the solutions we are working on are medium term and that to support the here and now we need to keep the staff we have got, make sure we give flexibility to those wanting to return to practice, and that staff are supported to work at the ‘top of their licence’. I think the strategy once published will stress the key and vital place of apprenticeships in our workforce and we would like to see this taken forward at scale rather than the piecemeal approaches we see now where trusts are left really to their own devices in developing these roles.

We look forward to the workforce strategy being published and will be continuing to push our own issues forward in this debate.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on this please let me know, email me on

Wensy Farrington-Chadd