One Voice Update from our CEO

Posted by 2162 on August 3, 2018

One Voice Update from our CEO

August 03, 2018 at 7:58 AM


We have received a really positive response to the One Voice call – thank you to all who responded and particularly those who volunteered for further discussions! We identified some key themes from the responses and these were debated at Board and some actions agreed.


 There are four question areas emerging from the One Voice responses where we would like to focus:


  1. There are really good examples of where Trusts are finding solutions to some longstanding issues and we need to share this - Is there value in making this a standing agenda item on regional groups?


Board thought there was and this will now be included on each agenda


  1. Apprenticeships are increasing as a part of department structures, so how to increase numbers (as Healthcare Scientists) and types and to promote career paths post apprenticeships?


Board agreed this is a key priority for Trusts and is often a minefield! Lizanne Steencamp our Board lead on Education has agreed to do a QandA/ FAQ section on this for our this space!


  1. Scope of practice for Audiologists linking to grading debate and leadership roles, links with ENT and wider Healthcare Science community?


Our President Sue Falkingham is currently leading this and we hope to have a draft available in September!


  1. Employers forum and engaging with education providers to align education development and service need, sharing good practice.


There are good examples of where this works well and we will feature this in a future Horizon to share good practice.


Also next steps.......


A BAA Conference session with Prof Brendan Cooper and our CEO Wendy Farrington Chadd will discuss this item and your feedback – we will also invite some of these respondents to join the session and share some of their practice and ideas!!



BAA will then produce a flyer to showcase examples and endorse actions through a series of recommendations we will support as BAA.....




Thank you all again for your input to this important debate – please keep feeding in your views on this we need to keep pushing on this and join in the session at conference if you can......