WHO EHC 2018 activity report and World Hearing Day 2019 update

Posted by 2162 on March 6, 2019

WHO EHC 2018 activity report and World Hearing Day 2019 update

March 06, 2019 at 1:30 PM

In the wake of World Hearing Day,  WHO are pleased to announce the following:
  1. The hearWHO app is now available for free download on Apple store and Google playstore. The app offers an easy to use tool to check hearing, based on the validated digits-in-noise technology. We invite everyone to download, use, popularize and share the app in order to: i) encourage people to check their hearing, as a first step to seeking hearing care; and ii) raise awareness regarding hearing loss. Kindly use #hearWHO #worldhearingday #hearingcare on social media.
  2. World Hearing Day materials are available online in all UN languages. Please use and share as appropriate.
  3. Join the Wiki4WorldHearing Day2019 campaign to create and translate hearing related content on Wikipedia, as a means to raising awareness on hearing loss and hearing care.
  4. Please also find attached the report of activities undertaken in 2018 by the WHO programme for prevention of deafness and hearing loss.
  5. Please share the report of your event after the day along with photographs. Guidance on reporting format and photographs is provided in the WHD toolkit. The reporting format is also attached here for easy access.


WHO programme for ear and hearing care activity report 2018 .pdf