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Higher Training Scheme (HTS)

Important Update on the HTS Module Registration (April 2019):

New applicants to the Higher Training Scheme (HTS)

Dear BAA members,

As you will now be aware  the Higher Training Scheme (HTS) is being wound down in preparation for it drawing to a close in December 2020. The new structure is still under review, details of which will follow as soon as they become available.

To assist us in supporting those already registered on the scheme, all applications received from new registrants will be reviewed and accepted on a case by case basis. 

This will allow for consideration needed with reference to where an applicant already is in terms of qualifications attained and the time required for new registrants to complete the module.  It is appreciated that the time needed to complete a module is very much based on an individual’s personal circumstances.

All those already registered on the scheme will receive updates as to when they will be required to have their modules submitted by in due course.

If you have any further questions please get in touch by emailing  baa@fitwise.co.uk

Yours sincerely
BAA Board Directors for Education, Accreditation and Registration (EAR)


Important news on the HTS review  (Feb 2018):

As you may know, the Higher Training Scheme is currently under review.  Whilst the curriculum review of the HTS is ongoing, to allow members to continue to develop their clinical skills in specialist areas, registration for some modules has been reopened.  These modules are:

  • paediatric assessment
  • balance assessment and rehabilitation
  • adult rehabilitation and first line diagnostic assessment

New applicants will be able to register for single modules only. The BAA will support new and existing students registered on the HTS until end of December 2020.  During this time, the BAA may make changes to the administration and assessment process as required. 

Accreditation of new HEI courses and Audiology departments is suspended until the review is complete.  Accreditation of existing HTS accredited HEI courses and Audiology departments continues while the review is ongoing.

 Any questions can be directed to the BAA Education, Accreditation and Registration directors through admin@baaudiology.org



The Higher Training Scheme (HTS) is an in-service professional development scheme designed to enable individuals to acquire the required depth and breadth of knowledge and competence to fulfil the needs of specialist and advanced practitioners. 

The HTS is a modular training course offered in accredited departments for qualified Audiologists looking to gain specialist training in a


variety of clinical areas.  To be eligible for the HTS you must:

  • be working as a qualified Audiologist
  • have an accredited centre prepared to train you
  • have evidence of M-Level study in the specialist area you wish to train in

To find out more about the HTS Scheme, log into this website and view the HTS Information tab.

The HTS Committee is responsible for:

  • Supporting the effective delivery of HTS training and examinations
  • Accrediting centres who wish to provide HTS training
  • Ensuring Logbooks have been completed appropriately prior to examination
  • Answering questions regarding HTS training

If you have any questions regarding the HTS, please email: htsenquiries@baaudiology.org.   Please note that the adminstration of the scheme is currently under review. 

Meet the Team

The current HTS Committee members are:

Leah Cooper - Chair

Leah has been in the NHS since 2003 at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, working as an Audiologist before becoming a Lead Clinical Scientist.  Leah's current role focuses on paediatric assessment and habilitation as well as being responsible for the training of apprentices, PTP and STP students as well as ongoing development of in-service staff within the department.  Leah also works as a Clinical Tutor at Anglia Ruskin University.

Lynzee McShea - HTS Practical Exams Coordinator

Lynzee is a Senior Clinical Scientist at Sunderland Royal Hospital where she is the clinical lead for Vestibular Assessment / Rehabilitation and for adults with complex needs. Working with adults with learning disabilities is her main area of interest both clinically, and in research. Lynzee is about to complete her Doctorate where she has been leading collaborative research with paid carers and primary care to improve access to Audiology for this group.

Rob Gardner - Past Chair

Harriet Crook - Chief Examiner