Research Help Request

Posted by 2162 on December 9, 2018

Research Help Request

December 09, 2018 at 9:39 AM

What is the study about? - We want to explore what factors affect the implementation of NHS Audiology led wax removal services. 

If we can identify and further explore what factors are affecting the implementation of these services, it may be possible to identify ways of overcoming these issues, thereby facilitating a greater and more consistent provision of these services on a national level.

What does the study involve? - We would like to interview NHS audiologists and heads of NHS audiology departments to explore and identify the factors affecting the implementation of audiology led cerumen management services within UK public healthcare. 

Where can I obtain further information if I need it?  - If you would like to participate and require any further information please feel free to contact the researcher on the following email address -

About the researcher   - Sarah Kilgallon is both a qualified audiologist and a postgraduate student at Aston University. All interviews will be conducted and analysed by her.